Crispy Skin Salmon

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Salmon is gram for gram one of the best morsels of food that nature provides us. Where do I start with its long list of impressive health benefits…here’s a few if you needed any extra convincing…

Salmon is loaded with protein and omega 3 fats which help you control your weight by reducing appetite, boosting metabolic rate, increasing insulin sensitivity and decreasing belly fat. Impressive right? Unlike most other fats, omega-3 fats are considered “essential,” meaning you must get them from your diet since your body can’t create them.

Packed with B Vitamins – which are needed for energy production, controlling inflammation and protecting heart and brain health.

Stacked with Selenium, a mineral involved in protecting bone health, improving thyroid function and reducing the risk of cancer.

Feeling a little down? Is your memory getting a little foggy? Salmon may be the answer!
Both fatty fish and fish oil have been found to reduce depressive symptoms, protect fetal brain health during pregnancy, decrease anxiety, slow age-related memory loss and lower the risk of dementia.

As you can see, Salmon is a nutritional powerhouse that provides several impressive health benefits.

Look at consuming at least two servings per week can help you meet your nutrient needs and reduce the risk of several diseases.

In addition, salmon is tasty, satisfying and versatile. Including this fatty fish as a regular part of your diet may very well improve your quality of life.

If its good enough to fuel a Grizzly its plenty good enough for you and me!

Fitness is not about being better than someone else…  IT IS ABOUT BEING BETTER THAN YOU USED TO BE.
— Gordon Slanquit, Personal Trainer Association

When you’re finished with your workout, hang from a pull-up bar and simply relax. Then, walk on the treadmill or outside for about 15 minutes to improve circulation and ensure that your arms recover adequately.

Do this routine two to three days a week, but vary the volume of sets based on feel.

But, don’t stop after the workout ends. Use your arms throughout the day: make a fist, lift objects, glove up and hit a bag, carry your office bag with your grip, not your shoulder.

What you’ll need

  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 200-300g mushrooms
  • 2 tbsp butter/oil
  • 2 truss tomatoes
  • 3 cups spinach
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar (optional)
  • 2 salmon fillets (150g each)

Here’s how it works:
Perform the first three moves one after another (Handstand Pushup Hold, Pledge Plank, Barbell Curl).
Rest 45-60 seconds between exercises.
That’s one set.  Do up to 5-8 sets of these. Then, move on to the final two moves. Complete as many sets as possible with 30 seconds rest maximum. “You go until your form breaks, meaning you have nothing left”

Putting it together

    1. Get your crispy skin salmon fillets ready by patting them dry with a paper towel to get rid of any excess moisture – its a must do if you want that crispy skin! Season both sides with salt and pepper and keep them in the fridge while you prep the rest of the recipe.
    2. Start by heating some olive oil over a medium heat and slicing your garlic, mushrooms and tomatoes – We leave ours pretty chunky.
    3. 2Cook the garlic and mushrooms in the olive oil until they’ve shrunken in size a bit. Add butter to the pan to get them nice and crispy.
    4. Then add your tomatoes and wait until they’ve softened a bit.
    5. Add in your spinach last and cook just until it has all wilted. Season with salt and pepper and toss very well. Remove the veggies from the heat and onto a plate. Cover with foil while you cook your salmon.
    6. Heat another tablespoon of olive oil in that same pan and wait until it’s very, very hot.


Top tip – the Salmon will continue to cook after it is removed from the heat so its always better having it cooked a little under so that it doesn’t dry out and stays moist and juicy!

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